I need a time machine

So I have officially determined that I need a way to slow down time or something. Kind of like that when that squirrel in Over the Hedge drinks the energy drink. Currently I am: developing an android app for my Software Engineering class pretty much on my own. Yes it is a group project. Fun fact: one of my team members had previously never heard of github. And I thought I had a lot to learn…

Anyway, I spent this fine evening looking over my résumé (Haha it sucks, I’m over it) and decided that I wanted to make a page here on my blog with like a way cool interactive résumé using CSS wizardry or something. So I spent a while figuring out exactly what my options in this matter are. Come to find out, GitHub Pages uses Jekyll, which frankly, I don’t even know how to describe Jekyll. It’s not HTML and it’s definitely not a programming language. Then of course I got distracted by other things, like looking into Bootstrap, Liquid, etc.

It was around this point that I came to the conclusion: freaking bag this. It seems like the web development world has about as much jargon as an advanced mathematics course. Which frankly is normally fine. However, I have an android app to develop for a class, I have Cal III homework due tomorrow, and I have a parser to write for my concepts of programming languages class. And I know you were wondering about this so I will come clean. I also have a test on Friday in computer architecture.

Oh, and another thing. The reason I was looking into getting a decent résumé in the first place is because I really, REALLY need to get an internship this coming summer. The problem is I feel like I know absolutely nothing. Like, I’m sitting here taking what seems to be rocket science classes, learning cool things like how to project one vector onto another (linear algebra) and taking a partial derivative by using implicit differentiation (Cal III). Which undeniably I can use to make myself seem like the smartest person in the room. But I can’t help but wonder: How in the flip is this relevant knowledge?

Anyway, if anyone has a method to like, slow down time, or give you a nights rest in 10 minutes, hit me up. I got a blank check with your name on it.

8/25/2017 Update

I didn’t get an internship. Also, Jekyll, liquid, etc. isn’t that hard to figure out. I think my main problem is it’s hard to find a place where they break it down idiot-style. Jekyll builds static pages based on dynamic content. Example: if I add a new category to my site, all the sudden it just appears when I click on the Categories button in the menu, even though I never updated that page’s HTML. That’s because Jekyll. Liquid is a parser that Jekyll uses to accomplish this dynamic-static translation. Liquid tags look like this ` {% for post in paginator.posts %} `

One thing is undeniable: I’ve come a long way from where I was back in 2015. Still got a long ways to go though.