Creating DOS executable from The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition

The folks over at LogicDeLuxe have provided a nice tool to convert the audio, including voice acting, from the Monkey Island Special Edition into a ScummVM or DOS executable. Unfortunately, after running their tool and executing the resulting executable in DosBox, I was presented with the error: Unable to find ‘MONKEY.000’ Press ENTER. Well, it turns out that the problem revolved around a program called ScummPacker. I had to find the right version of it to run, but once I did, I was able to successfully run it.

With these DOS games, they often have key mappings that aren’t apparent at all (they were probably in the printed manual or something). One of the things I struggled with was how to turn on subtitles. I asked the owner of a video on youtube randomly, and they said to try ctrl+t, which worked like a charm. I have updated the readme to reflect this new information.

In case anyone is experiencing similar issues, I have provided a corrected zip file that should work out of the box. I have also included the xWMAEncode program, but if you’re the author and this really pisses you off, then feel free to contact me via email and I’ll take it down.

Anyway, you can download the corrected zip file here