I figured why not make a quick post with relevant/useful information to compliment my “I need more time” post. For those of you with PsVitas the best site to find info about getting cool things like GBA emulators on that sucker is Unfortunately, he put tons of ads on his site, but it nonetheless stands as the most up to date info in this regard.

Also, for those of you lucky enough to be on firmware 3.51 or lower, you have the capability to use the “Rejuvenate” hack. Through this method, you have the potential to install emulators that make FULL use of the Vita’s hardware. Otherwise, you may be able to use a hacked version of the PsP emulator on the Vita. The problem with this is that this only gives you access to the PsP’s hardware abilities (i.e. a single core 700MHz proccessor as opposed to a 2GHz quad core proccessor).

Wololo actually has a wealth of knowledge available on his site, and has some of the most interesting forums around. Unfortunately, for every incredibly interesting personality on the forums you have 100 people who just want to know how to run PsP ISOs.

11/17/2016 UPDATE

I realized this post is now due for an update. For those rocking firmware 3.6 or below, there is now an incredibly easy hack for PsVitas called henKaku. This is currently what I myself am using, and it’s awesome. Instructions for using it can be found on wololo or the henkaku site. However, all you do is open the vita’s web browser and navigate to Yep, that’s it.

Happy hacking folks.