Bootcamp Windows tweaks

I recently installed Windows 10 on my MacBook Air, and I wanted needed to get a few things up to speed. I decided to write a post in case anyone else wanted to get Windows to act more like OSX, or rather, in case I reformat and need to go through the process again.

Listed here are the grievances:

  1. When it goes to sleep I have to click log in
  2. The mouse wheel scrolls the wrong way
  3. Now I have to use the crappy control key
  4. I need a device locator
  5. I want to auto login


To fix this, click on the following buttons

Start menu > settings > system > power & sleep > additional power settings > change plan settings for your selected power plan (for example, balanced) > change advanced power settings > require password on wakeup.

Mouse scroll

You can follow the instructions here , but I will outline the process in case the link goes down ever.

First click the following buttons

Start menu > settings > devices > mouse & touchpad > additional mouse options > hardware > properties > details

For the property, select Hardware Ids and take note of anything that starts like this: HID\VID

Keep that window open

Now, hit the start menu and type regedit and then hit enter. If it asks if you want to make changes or whatever hit yes.

In regedit, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\HID\

Now find something that matches up with your mouse window that you were supposed to leave open.

Keep clicking on stuff in this folder until you see a key called FlipFlopWheel and change the value from 0 to 1.

In my case, from the HID folder I went to the following directory to find my key VID_05AC&PID_0291&MI_02&Col01\7&392381fc&0&0000\Device Parameters\

Once you have all that crap done, simply reset and the scroll should be fixed.

Command Control

Okay this one is actually fairly simple. You can read about what exactly is going on here However, it can be somewhat painful to figure out what key is what value, particularly on a mac. So, following this guy’s instructions, I have created a reg file you can download here. Simply run that file, reset the computer and you’re good to go.

Device Locator

Click the following buttons

Start menu > settings > update and security > find my Device

Enable it. You will need a microsoft account.

But then I have to log in to the computer on power up!

Yep. Unacceptable. Here’s how to fix it

Auto log in

You can follow the instructions here However, Microsoft needs to learn how to write unambiguous instructions. I will outline the process here as well.

Clickey these buttons

Start menu Type run and hit enter In the text box type control userpasswords2 Clear the check next to Users must enter a username and password to use this computer and then hit apply In the popup that will appear after you hit apply, enter YOUR MICROSOFT USERNAME AND PASSWORD, not the computer username and password. For me, Macbook was auto filled in for username. This is wrong. I had to enter [email protected] for my username and TurkeyFriedChicken as my password.

Once you have that jam filled out, hit ok.