So last black Friday, my brothers and I went on a frantic search to get some new Nintendo 3DSes for $100. We got them, and of course I wanted to hack that sucker. So, if you’re thinking the same thing, head on over to 3ds.guide for all the info you need. The process isn’t as easy as going to a specific website, like it is for the PsVita, but all in all it really wasn’t all that bad.

03/05/2017 UPDATE:

I was tinkering around today with streaming from the n3DS to a PC. Be aware that you really can only do this with a NEW 3DS. Anyway, some of the steps/programs I found out there didn’t really work, so here is how to do it. First, you need to have NTR CFW on your NEW 3DS. You can obtain Boot NTR Selector here, which is the best way to get NTR on your DS. Once you have that, you are going to need a program to run on your PC called kit-kat. You can obtain kit-kat from here. Once you have that, simply run NTR Selector on your DS and choose the 3.4 option. Then, run kit-kat on your pc. There is a gear icon in the bottom left that you can use to increase the size of the screen on your pc. I set my screen height and width to 2. Anyway, kit-kat is supposed to detect the IP address of your DS automatically, but it didn’t work for me. If it doesn’t work, just manually punch it in and then hit connect, at which point you should see your DS screen on your PC if all went well.